Will I get the classic shots of you and your lover smiling at the camera, absolutely. But my ultimate goal is to tell your story in the most authentic way. You know, photos that you can feel. Photos that feel like you. I live for those sweet candid moments that are often overlooked. I want you to look back at your photos and remember how it felt that day. 

I don't believe in fake smiles and stiff poses

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

Your photos should be too

You are a



documentary style photographer for the wild       playful hearts

documentary style
photographer for the wild        playful hearts


I am a candid loving, sunset chasing, Minnesota based wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the organic, real, and perfectly imperfect moments of your best day ever. I want to document your love story in a way that feels authentically like you, in a way that you can relive over and over again. Whether you're planning a traditional wedding, jet setting off to tie the knot in the Caribbean, or eloping just the two of you I am here for you to lean on through the entire process. 

Tayler did our engagement & wedding photos. Her personality & expertise made our photoshoots so much fun! We couldn’t recommend her enough!!

-Kayla + Jeremy

Her personality & expertise made our photo shoots so much fun!

What clients are saying

I want to know everything. How did you meet? What do you love to do together? What is your favorite thing about your partner? Connecting with you and being able to tell all your favorite stories through photo is the gift I want to give you

I love to tell love stories

Why i do what i do